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Discharge Under Honorable Conditions

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even though the DD-214 shows a general discharge under honorable conditions, because the military member was separated during his second enlistment. However, if a veteran has only one period of.

Veterans with other-than-honorable discharges are ineligible for a host. “I served on active duty, and was discharged under conditions other.

Service members who receive a general discharge under honorable conditions are eligible for disability compensation, pension, VA medical care, health care and the GI Bill. Some may receive VA home.

A veteran’s discharge from military service can be in one of five categories: Honorable, General, Other than Honorable, Bad Conduct and Dishonorable. For example, a General Discharge indicates some non-judicial action because of behavior or a failure to meet military standards. It takes some VA benefits off the table, including the GI Bill.

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The type of discharge that is received will be placed on their DD-214. The best option is the Honorable Discharge, while the worst option is a Dishonorable Discharge. Several options, including the General Discharge, Under Honorable Conditions, are between these two extremes.

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Normally, this applies to those who receive a General, Under Honorable Conditions, Other than Honorable, or Bad-Conduct Discharge. Those who receive a Dishonorable Discharge or Dismissal are not eligible to apply to the DRB. These less-than-honorable discharges can haunt you for life, socially and professionally.

This is why the military issues General under honorable conditions. This comes from the VA website for Character of Discharge: "Generally,

discharges were issued "under conditions other than dishonorable," VA must apply the standards set forth in Title 38 Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.) 3.12 "Other than Honorable" Discharges – special health care Rule An individual with an "Other than Honorable" discharge that VA has determined to be disqualifying

There are some benefits available to you, although the main ones (GI Bill, VA Loan, etc) are not. Make an appointment with the VA, and they.

Jeff Kay and Jason Cassarly accurately described what an Honorable Discharge is. There is also a General Discharge for service members whose performance is satisfactory but who have failed to meet all expectations of conduct for military members..